Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Contribute [English]

MegaDownloader is completely free.

If you are satisfied with MegaDownloader and want to help MegaDownloader improve or motivate the development of other quality programs, any amount of donation small or large will be welcome and gratefully appreciated.

Thanks! :)

You cand also send me some Litecoins, if you prefer!

LTC Wallet: LXDHPf3TH582fsDdkynP1iMBRjdN5LisqF


  1. for my part im there for 2 reason.
    1.Thx very mutch for this powerful little software you can add a button whit add list from TXT file :D

    1. Hi, thx for the comment :D
      I will see the option to import links from a TXT, meanwhile you can copy and paste them into the "add links" window.

    2. Iget my program for 10 dollars at the moment i had no reply from your webpage i want my 10 dollars in my paypal

  2. can you add queue options......??

  3. esse programa é muito bom!
    pena que não tem uma verção em português do brasil. :(

    1. You can collaborate in the translation if you want ;)

    2. I can help in that.
      I love translations, in both sides, english to portuguese and portuguese to english.

      And take this reply to ask something, my download directly from Mega are in 70/80kbps but in MegaDownloader are in 25/32kbps. Why?

    3. It depends on the server you are downloading. MEGA automatically assigns you a server, and if it is saturated, then your download speed will be low. You can't do anything about that :(

      About the translation, you can create/modify the files in the /Language folder (go to Options-> See logs in order to open the folder where Megadownloader stores the information). In the FAQ you will see some more information about how to do it :)

  4. Great Software
    I can normally sleep
    Do not concern the dynamic

  5. The french translate is very bad !!
    La traduction française est très mauvaise !!

    1. You can propose improvements if you think it can be better. I don't speak French so I need help from French users!

  6. hey man great job with the downloader! still some trouble with the streaming but i'm sure those problems will be fixed soon. anyway i had to install a virtual machine on my mac to install make it work, so i was thinking i could help you in porting the downloader and write the osx version! or at least i could try.
    also if you need help with the italian translation i'd be happy to help!

  7. Need a way to rename what the file will be saved as. I get an error on extremely long file names downloaded from

    Here is a pic:

    The path used was C:\Games, but the file name on mega was crazy long, and I didn't see a way to rename it.

  8. Very good program, liked a lot, the organization of the downloads that the program does its really cool. Thank you!

    If i knew how to donate i would do it, but im 16yo so i dont know that stuff, but very ty ^^

    sorry for my bad english..

  9. Thanks for this GREAT software!!
    Can you add an option to pause each download individually?

  10. One more question:
    how can I recover the failed links?
    because when I try to reset some files I always get the same ERROR status

  11. Bug report:
    When I click "File">"Open DLC..." and then click "cancel" on the OpenFileDialog, your program will say "path is not vaild"... I chose cancel but it still give error message...

    Try check out the DialogResult returned by ofd.ShowDialog()

  12. I think this question is really important"
    Usually once a week or once a Month, I scanned my computer by windows 7 manager...
    before i dont know why my MEGA downloader was lost, i think maybe I miss deleted.
    but know after i scanned by advance system care MEGA also lost.. and I checked, my MEGA Downloader was detected as MALWARE... whereas I download mega installer & portable from here..

    maybe you could have resolved this problem, because i like this & used to uese this apps

  13. i can only see the name of downloading files. other status are out of the boarder and cannot be reached :(

  14. hi! thanks for this great tool it help me a lot :)
    i which icould donte but :( sorry i have no money ....
    but i can help you in translation to Arabic
    if ok you just tell me how & i'm here
    thanks again & agian &&&&.......

  15. Dear Develeloper!!
    i searched before a lot programs for mega.
    This program is very good for me.(and working:) Thank you

  16. how do i do when ''ERROR'' message?
    IE message is ''temporary error retrying''. i can not get folder's files.
    how can i get folder's file link??

  17. Ammazing software

  18. Not bad for this little software.
    MEGA should be proud of you! :)

  19. Thank you so much. Awesome job!! maybe should combine progress percent with process bar.

  20. Great app.. thanks a lot.. i have a huge folder which am downloading into a hard disc through ethernet connection.. its doing efficiently but keeps throwing me the following error and then it pauses till i click "ok" on the error msgs.. i have put the link to the error msg.. can you please tel me why its happening..


  21. Thank you so much. Awesome.... GREAT software!!

  22. Esse programa não pode ser BETA! Ele é perfeito! Estão de parabéns, os downloads são sempre fluidos e nunca falham. Muito obrigado.

  23. This is a good program, but not good enough. You miss one important thing.
    1)Schedule. I think every download manager have it and MGD should have it too. This is pretty important you know.

  24. How can I resume the previous downloads... all data gets lost... help please...

  25. How can I resume my still downloading file when the status stated ERROR?

  26. Hey Andres_age send me the English language file and i translate to Portuguese for you, Great App ;)

  27. Can You Do A Queue Option..??
    That Really Usefull..

  28. Hi,
    Where does the program keeps the setting and library information?
    I would like to back it up.


  29. can you make megadownloader encodes links?^^

  30. Eu gostei muito da tradução para o Português Brasileiro, esse programa me ajudou a baixar um arquivo no MEGA, eu vou colaborar com 31 reais ( 10 Dóllars )

    Vocês realmente me surpreenderam com esse programa nota 10!

    Agradeço aos Criadores. ;)

    By: Maike Alves (BRAZIL)

  31. Great content indeed.
    Very Useful post.
    Thanks for providing it

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