Monday, April 8, 2013

Integrating ELC into your community


This article will explain how you can integrate the ELC system into your community - using MegaDownloader 0.8
For an overall view of the ELC system, please refer to the article: "Understanding mega:// links", section "ELC links".
Required knowledge: This article presupposes you have some knowledge about cryptography, hashing, BD, and HTTP protocol.

Server validation

ELC requires a server to perform two actions:
- Validate users, so only users of your community will be able to download the files.
- Encode or decode the internal password that will allow users to download the files.

Two pages are required:
- One page to show the users of your community HOW to configure their MegaDownloader/MegaUploader ELC account.
- One page to validate the data and perform the password encode/decode.

User validation

Each user will have two unique codes that will let them identify into your system. You have to provide them to your users using the first page.
The first code is the "Username", a public code that will identify which user wants to download the files.
The second code is the "API-Key", a private code that will validate the user as a valid member of your community.
Apart of that, you should also display to the user the URL of the second page (the one that validates the data).

This API-Key should NOT be the user's password. Using the user's password represents a security issue, because if you don't use SSL, the data will travel unencrypted.
The API-Key should be a code that validates the user for the ELC usage, and nothing else. If a third person gets the user's API-Key, he shouldn't be able to modify the user's account, or anything like that. An API-Key should also be regenerated when the user changes his password.

A good API-Key would be, for example, the hash generated from concatenating  the username and the hashed password stored in your system - normally you store a hash, not the plain password of the user. If the user changes his password, the API-Key will be changed, because the hashed password has been changed.
If you also add a random salt when generating the hash, then security is increased.
Normally communities use a CMS or forum, with their own tables where user data is stored.

For example, if your community DB has a table called "user", with two columns "username" and "password", you could do something like:
1) Get the value of the username and his (hashed) password.
2) Concatenate a random salt string to the username and the (hashed) password (optional but recommended).
3) Generate a hash (preferably a SHA256 or SHA512, it's longer but also more secure than MD5).

This final hash could be the API-Key.

Data process

So, in your first page, the one that displays the user's data to configure his ELC account, you should generate and display the API-Key. The page should also display the Username and the URL of the second page.

The second page will be used internally by MegaDownloader. You can find here a PHP example of this page.
Of course, if your system doesn't use PHP but another language (Java, .NET, etc) you should adapt the example to that language.
This page will receive HTTP POST petitions, so this page should not allow GET petitions - if a user puts this URL in his browser, an error should be displayed because this page is designed to be accesed with a POST petition.

MegaDownloader and MegaUploader will send 4 POST parameters when generating an ELC or when reading an ELC:

- Parameter "USER": Will contain the user's code.
- Parameter "APIKEY": Will contain the user's API-Key.
- Parameter "OPERATION_TYPE": Two possible values: E or C.
- Parameter "DATA": a string containing the data to process.

The first two parameters are used for validating the user; the other two parameters are used for processing the data.

The page will return, in all cases, a JSON response.

If there is an error (invalid user access, invalid data, etc), the page will return this structure:

{"e": "'ERROR DESCRIPTION", "d": ""}

If there is no error, the page will return this structure:

{"e": "", "d": "PROCESSED DATA"}

As you can see, only two parameters are returned: e (error) and d (data). One must be empty and the other filled.

The page will perform two different actions:

- First, it will validate the user by using the data contained in the "USER" and "APIKEY" parameters. If the user is not validated, then an error will be returned and the page won't continue with the second action.

- Once the user has been validated, then the page will process the data (by using the other two parameters "OPERATION_TYPE" and "DATA".

"OPERATION_TYPE" parameter will contain E or C (any other value will cause an error to be returned). E means Encrypt, and D means Decrypt. So basically, you will take the data contained in the "DATA" parameter, and will encrypt it or decrypt it depending on the value of "OPERATION_TYPE".
It's very important to emphasise that the input data of the E operation must be equal to the output data of the D operation, when the E output and the D input is the same. The encryption process must be simmetric!!

The way to implement the encryption/decryption process is up to you. But if you just want "something that works", then you can use the example provided previously.

The example page doesn't contain a "good" implementation of the first action: it just compares the USER and APIKEY values with a constant text. This is because depending on how your community works, you can make one implementation or another; the general idea of how it should work was provided in the previous paragraphs.

However, the second action is fully implemented. In the example, an AES cipher is performed to the data provided. You can use this example "as is", just changing the password at the beginning of the code.
If you prefer, you can implement the proces on another way. You can store the input data in your DB, and return the numeric ID of the inserted row. The decrypt process will receive the numeric ID, and you will retrieve the original information. It's perfectly valid - just take into account that this requires DB access, most resource consuming than performing an AES "on the fly".

How can you test this page?
The simplest way is by using Firefox  + an extension called "POSTER". You can also create a basic HTML form that POST the data to that URL, and open it with a browser. It's up to you.

Easy ELC configuration - Just click!

For users with little knowledge about computers, configuring the ELC can be confusing/difficult. For that reason, a "click once configuration" method has been created.

The idea is that the user click on a link, and MegaDownloader automatically configures the ELC account for the first time. That's all! The user has to do nothing else :D

In the page where you show the ELC information to the user, you should implement a mega:// link to do that. This mega:// link should be like this (copying the link also works if MegaDownloader is configured to detect links from clipboard):

As you can see, it's a mega:// link with the "configelc?" code. After that, there should be 4 parameters, each one separated with a ":" character:
- Parameter 1: The ELC URL of your site, URI encoded (you can do it with Javascript using encodeURIComponent). In this example, the URL is "" (note you can use & or ? if you need it)
- Parameter 2: The user name of the user, URI encoded. In this example "User name" (note it supports spaces and other strange characters).
- Parameter 3: The API-Key of the user, URI encoded. In this example "Api key" (note it supports spaces and other strange characters).
- Parameter 4: This is an optional parameter, you can specify the Alias of the ELC account, URI encoded - in this example "Account alias".

When the user clicks on the link, MegaDownloader will ask the user if he wants to create/update the ELC account. If he says "Yes", then the ELC account configuration will be imported - and he has to enter no data at all!


For users, adding an ELC account should be easy - just clicking on a link.
For developers, creating the ELC pages should be also easy - the ciphering method is provided in the example, and only an user validation system has to be implemented.

Using ELC is a solid and robust system to protect your MEGA links so they can't be reported, and people outside your community can't download them.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Understanding mega:// links


From version 0.6, MegaDownloader supports mega:// links.
When you click on a mega:// link, MegaDownloader automatically opens and captures the link, so you can download them easily.
In this article, mega:// links will be explained and classified.

Mega links types

There are three basic types of Mega links:

Plain links.

These links contains the ID and the Key, similar to a normal mega link. For example, consider this link:!OFEQ0Y4Z!0123456789wVrs6n7Jyx8-9876543210nkI8MA5Gf4g

The mega:// equivalent link would be:

You can generate your own plain mega:// links just replacing "" by "mega://".

Encoded links.

This links contain the ID and the Key encoded, and the URI has the form "mega://enc?xxx".
These links are generated by both MegaDownloader and MegaUploader, by going to "Options"/"Encode URLs", or by using the right click option "See links" and selecting the "Encode URLs" option.

You can share the encoded links, and MegaDownloader will grab them when you click on them or when you copy them (if you have activated the "Capture links from Clipboard" option).

What's the target of the encoded links? It was designed with the idea of offering a basic link protection, so the user can download the file but can't know the original link.

Please take into account that the level of security offered is not very high. Links are encoded using an AES password, but a high skilled user/hacker can retrieve it and get the original link. However most of the people will not be able to do it: At this moment it is even easier to decrypt a DLC than these encoded links ;)

ELC links.

ELC is the acronym of "Encoded Link Container".

This format, that will be released with MegaDownloader 0.8 and MegaUploader 0.7, is under development, but will offer two features:
  1. Link protection: Users won't be able to know the original link.
  2. Copy protection: Only authorized users will be able to access the file.

This is achieved by using a server to validate the user that tries to download the file. The idea is that each community (forum, etc) have a page to validate users.
When you create an ELC link, you have to select the community (previously configuerd) that will be have access to the links.
Once generated, only users with a valid account in that community will be able to download the files. In this way, even if someone pastes the Mega links outside the community, nobody without a valid account in that community will be able to download the files.

Interally files will be encoded using a random AES password, that will be recodified by the server. So without a valid account, nobody would be able to retrieve the original links, so security is guaranteed. The idea behind ELC is similar to the DLC, with the difference that DLC is public so anyone can download the links inside a DLC; ELC links will be private so only members of a community will be able to download the links.

ELC links can be found as a file (*.elc extension), or as a mega:// link, with the form "mega://elc?xxx".

For using the ELC, each community has to implement two webpages: (1) one for the user, so he can see the URL, user and API-Key he has to enter into MegaDownloader's configuration, and (2) another to validate the users and encode/decode the data.

Do you want to test ELC by yourself?
Well, first you have to download the test version of MegaDownloader 0.8. Then, you have to go to "Configuration", "ELC accounts", and create a new account with this data:
  1. Alias: Put anything you want, it's just an identificative name.
  2. URL: Put the community's URL for the ELC. For this test, use a demo URL "".
  3. User: Put "test".
  4. API-Key: Put "test".

Now you will have configured a "demo" ELC account, so you can download all ELC links generated for this community.

Do you want to try an example? Click on this link, and two files will be added - if you ELC account is correctly configured!

A detailed article will explain it in depth, but meanwhile you can take a look at the source code of the demo page, available here. The encode/decode process is fully implemented (just change the password) but you will have to implement the user's validation.
Two fields will be sent on each petition: user and API-Key. The API-Key should be a code that identifies the user and only he should know it. For security, it should not be the user's password, but something like the hash of the nick + the hashed password stored in your DB, and should be shown on the first page we have commented (where the user sees the URL, user and API-Key, so he can configure MegaDownloader).

MegaDownloader and MegaUploader supports 3 types of mega:// links, with different levels of security, in order to use comfortably MegaDownloader and protect your Mega links :)

Link typeLink protectionCopy protection
Plain linksNoneNone
Encoded linksMediumNone
ELC linksHighHigh

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watch videos online - streaming tutorial for MEGA.CO.NZ

Quick reference

Some users asked for a shorter version of the text. Here it is!
  1. Download MegaDownloader.
  2. Download VLC Player.
  3. Configure MegaDownlaoder: Go to "Options", "Configuration", "Streaming", check the option "Use streaming server", check the VLC path is correct. You can also check the option "Capture links from clipboard" from the configuration tab "General".
  4. Copy a MEGA link of a video file (avi, flv, mkv, mp4, etc). 
  5. A screen will appear, select "Watch online".
  6. Enjoy!
If you want to read the complete text, here it is!


Do you remember MegaVideo? It was great for watching videos online. And surely you have though: "if only Mega could stream videos...". Of course, videos without copyright :)
Well, there are good news: It is possible to watch online videos by streaming, hosted in MEGA.CO.NZ - using MegaDownloader!!


Remember MEGA has the files encrypted. MEGA is unable to know the content, and is unable to stream videos. 
But... if you know the key to decrypt the file... you could download it, decrypt the video "on the fly", and stream it to someone, couldn't you?
Basically, MegaDownloader downloads, decrypts and streams the video "on the fly" to any destination, using an integrated web-server. 
It's up to you to play the movie, using VLC for example, or any other player that accepts streaming: MegaDownloader gives you a "streaming URL" and you play it wherever you want.

What do I need?

First at all you need MegaDownloader, version 0.5 or newer. You can download it from here: 
Download MegaDownloader.

You also need a player. MegaDownloader is integrated with VLC, and works great: 
Download VLC.

Finally, you need the MEGA URL, with the key!

What if I don't use Windows?

VLC is available in many platforms. 
MegaDownloader works in Windows (and Mac using Parallels). However MegaDownloader acts as a "stream server". 
So you only need a Windows PC (or Mac) for running MegaDownloader, and then use the provided URL to stream the content to any device capable of playing stream videos, using a local network.

How to configure MegaDownloader

You only need to activate the streaming server. 
This is done by going to the configuration screen, and select the tab "Streaming". Check the option "Use streaming server", and check the VLC installation path is correct. Save the configuration. That's all!

That's great... but tell me how to watch videos online!!

Once you have installed and configured MegaDownloader and VLC, just copy into the clipboard a valid MEGA URL (note: the video can't be compressed in a zip or rar). 
If MegaDownloader has the option "Copy from the clipboard" activated, an "Add links" screen will appear, with the selected URL  (if not, open it manually).  

Now you will have two options: add the file to the download queue... or watch it online. Select that option. 
VLC will automatically start. 
After a while (the file download needs to start, and then the player buffer has to be filled) you will be able to watch the video. Please be patient while the video loads.

If you need to play it on other player or remote device, go to the "Streaming" menu, and select the first option "Watch online".
A screen will appear. Paste the link in the first textbox "MEGA URL link" and a new link will appear in the textbox "Streaming URL link". You can use that link into your favourite player :D

Oh, the URL is long... well, in that case it is possible to shorten it, if you need it.

Add the link into your Streaming Library, and the streaming URL will be shorter, with a numeric id. 
In order to add a MEGA URL to the library, go to the "Streaming" menu and select the option "Manage Library". A webpage will appear, and you will be able to add new elements to the library, providing a name, description, image link, etc. 
Once added, go to "Streaming" / "See Library" and you will be able to select easily the desired video... with a shorter link! 
If you play it on a remote device, remember to change the "localhost" path to your local network IP (for both accessing the Library Manager and the Streaming URL).

You can go to the Streaming library at any moment, just remember that MegaDownloader has to be running :)

What formats does it support?

MegaDownloader streams the video, without any type of conversion. So any file that VLC (or your chosen player) can play will be accepted for streaming: AVI, FLV, MKV, etc. Of course you need enough bandwidth for streaming the video. If you have a 128kbps Internet connection don't expect to stream a 20GB MKV file ;)
For streaming large video files, you may also have to configure the player for watching it smoothly (buffer size, etc).


The streaming is a brand new feature in MegaDownloader. 
It's pretty easy to configure it and use it. 
You only need MegaDownloader for streaming, and a player (like VLC) to play the video.
MegaDownloader also has a built-in library, so you can store and play the videos comfortably. In a future article I will explain more details about the built-in library.

Ver videos online - Tutorial de streaming de MEGA


Varios usuarios me han pedido que ponga un resumen esquematizado, ya que el texto es un poco largo. ¡Aquí está!
  1. Descargar MegaDownloader.
  2. Descargar VLC.
  3. Configurar MegaDownlaoder: Ir a "Opciones", "Configuración", "Streaming", marcar "Usar servidor de Streaming", verificar que la ruta del VLC es correcta. También se puede marcar la opción "Capturar links del portapapeles" en la pestaña "General" de la "Configuración".
  4. Copiar un link de MEGA que contenta un video (avi, flv, mkv, mp4, etc). 
  5. Saldrá una ventana con un botón "Ver Online". Hacer click en ese botón.
  6. ¡A disfrutar!
Os dejo el texto completo por si quereis leerlo ;) 



Seguramente somos muchos los que recordamos MegaVideo, y hemos pensado "si MEGA pudiera ofrecer streaming..." - de videos sin copyright, por supuesto :)
Bueno, hay buenas noticias: es posible ver videos online hospedados en MEGA.CO.NZ por streaming... con MegaDownloader!


MEGA guarda los ficheros cifrados, y no tiene posibilidad de conocer su contenido. Por esa razón no puede ofrecer videos en streaming.
Pero... si sabes la clave para descifrar el fichero, se podría descargar, descifrar "al vuelo" y ofrecerlo en streaming, ¿verdad?

Esa es la idea que sigue MegaDownloader. 
MegaDownloader descarga, descifra y ofrece en streaming videos "al vuelo" con un pequeño servidor integrado.

No es un reproductor, solo permite ofrecer streaming, así que hay que usar otra aplicación (por ejemplo VLC) para reproducir el video, o usar un reproductor multimedia remoto que acepte streaming.
MegaDownloader ofrece una "URL de streaming", y lo reproduces con lo que quieras!

¿Que necesito?

En primer lugar necesitas descargar la versión 0.5 o posterior de MegaDownloader:  
Descargar MegaDownloader.

También necesitas un reproductor. MegaDownloader se integra muy bien con VLC, por lo que se recomienda usar este reproductor:  
Descargar VLC.
Por último, necesitas un link válido de MEGA, con su clave. El fichero no debe estar partido o comprimido en rar o zip.

¿Y si no uso Windows?

VLC se puede descargar en varias plataformas.

MegaDownloader funciona en Windows, y también en Mac usando Parallels. 

Sin embargo, MegaDownloader hace de "servidor de streaming", por lo que solo necesitas un PC con Windows (o MAC) para ejecutar MegaDownloader, y luego usar la "URL de streaming" que genera para reproducir el vídeo en cualquier dispositivo conectado a la red local que admita streaming.

Como configurar MegaDownloader

Tan solo es necesario activar el servidor de streaming.
Has de abrir la pantalla de configuración, elegir la pestaña "Streaming", clickar la opción "Usar servidor de streaming", y comprobar que la ruta de instalación del VLC es correcta. Guardas la configuración, y listo!

¿Como empezar a ver videos por streaming?

Una vez estén instalados y configurados MegaDownloader y VLC, tan solo has de copiar un link válido a un video de Mega.

Si MegaDownloader tiene la opción "Copiar del portapapeles" activada, aparecerá una pantalla "Agregar enlaces" con la URL seleccionada. En caso contrario, deberás abrir manualmente la pantalla.
Aparecerán dos opciones: agregar el fichero a la cola de descargas, o ver el video online. Selecciona esta segunda opción, y el VLC se iniciará automáticamente.

Tan solo debes esperar un momento (el fichero debe empezar a bajar y el buffer se debe rellenar) y comenzará la reproducción del vídeo  Por favor ten paciencia mientras el vídeo carga.
Si necesitas reproducirlo en otro reproductor remoto, ve al menú "Streaming" y elige la primera opción "Ver online".

Aparecerá una ventana con un cuadro de texto "Enlace de MEGA". Pega el enlace de MEGA allí, y en el segundo cuadro "Enlace de streaming" se generará un enlace que podrás usar en tu reproductor favorito :D
Si el enlace es muy largo, tienes la posibilidad de acortarlo. Para ello, debes agregar en enlace a la Biblioteca, y te generará un enlace con un id numérico más fácil de recordar.

Para agregar un enlace de MEGA a la Biblioteca, ve al menú "Streaming" y elige la opción "Editar biblioteca". Se abrirá una página en la que podrás añadir nuevos elementos a la Biblioteca, incluyendo nombre, descripción, link de una imagen, etc.

Una vez agregado, ve de nuevo al menú "Streaming" y elige la opción "Ver biblioteca". En esta pantalla podrás elegir fácilmente cualquier video que tengas en la Biblioteca, con un link más corto.
Ten en cuenta que si usas un reproductor remoto, deberás cambiar la URL. Por defecto es "localhost", lo que significa que se reproduce en el mismo ordenador que se ejecuta MegaDownloader. Si accedes desde otro dispositivo a través de una red local, deberás poner la IP para acceder tanto a la URL de streaming como a la biblioteca.
Puedes acceder a la Biblioteca en cualquier momento, tan solo recuerda que MegaDownloader debe estar funcionando :)

¿Que formatos puedo reproducir por streaming?

MegaDownloader hace de servidor de streaming y no realiza ninguna conversión. Así que reproducirá todo lo que reproduzca el reproductor (VLC o el que elijas). Por supuesto necesitarás suficiente ancho de banda: con una conexión de 128kbps no esperes ver un MKV de 20GB ;)
Es posible que además tengas que configurar el reproductor (tamaño de buffer, etc) para ver los videos de forma fluida, especialmente con vídeos grandes.


MegaDownloader incorpora la posibilidad de hacer streaming de cualquier video alojado en MegaDownloader.
Configurarlo y hacerlo funcionar es muy sencillo. Tan solo necesitas MegaDownloader y un reproductor (como VLC).
MegaDownloader incorpora una Biblioteca integrada, para guardar, importar y exportar los videos de forma fácil y sencilla.
En un artículo futuro se explicará con más detalles la Biblioteca integrada.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Contribute [English]

MegaDownloader is completely free.

If you are satisfied with MegaDownloader and want to help MegaDownloader improve or motivate the development of other quality programs, any amount of donation small or large will be welcome and gratefully appreciated.

Thanks! :)

You cand also send me some Litecoins, if you prefer!

LTC Wallet: LXDHPf3TH582fsDdkynP1iMBRjdN5LisqF

Colabora [Castellano]

MegaDownloader es una aplicación totalmente gratuita y no muestra publicidad al usarlo.

Si te ha sido útil, y quieres colaborar en el desarrollo para mejorar MegaDownloader, o para el desarrollo de nuevas aplicaciones, cualquier donación, grande o pequeña, será bienvenida :)

¡Muchas gracias!

Si lo prefieres, también puedes enviarme algunos Litecoins! ;)

Cartera LTC: LXDHPf3TH582fsDdkynP1iMBRjdN5LisqF

Friday, February 15, 2013

FAQ [Français]

FAQ traduite par William de FreeAddons

MegaDownloader qu’est-ce que c’est?
MegaDownloader est un client de téléchargement pour MEGA.CO.NZ, vous permettant de télécharger facilement des fichiers depuis MEGA.CO.NZ

Est-ce une application officielle?
Il s'agit d'une application autonome non officielle. C'est gratuit et il n'y a pas de frais pour l'utiliser ou de le télécharger.

Pourquoi MegaDownloader?   
  •  Rapide: Vous pouvez télécharger plusieurs fichiers simultanément avec plusieurs connexions par fichier, en optimisant la bande passante. 
  • Léger: Pèse moins de 2 Mo et consomme peu de ressources. Il ne nécessite aucune installation, c’est un exe unique. Il ne crée pas de lourds fichiers temporaires. Utilise juste un petit tampon en mémoire et enregistre le fichier directement sur le disque. 
  • Sécurité: Pas de publicité, bannières, ou quoi que ce soit. Il ne collecte pas d'informations sur l'utilisateur. Se connecte uniquement à MEGA.CO.NZ pour télécharger les fichiers, et vérifie périodiquement les mises à jour. Rien d'autre. Et les informations sensibles sont stockées localement en interne et sont cryptées à l'aide de DPAPI et AES. 
  • Simple: Son interface est simple à utiliser: ajouter des liens et commencer à télécharger. C'est tout! 
  • Complet: Il permet de mettre en  pause, arrêter et reprendre des téléchargements de fichiers. Il met en file d’attente les fichiers, en les regroupant par paquets, décompresse automatiquement les fichiers RAR/Zip/7z, détecte les liens du presse-papiers, peut limiter la vitesse de téléchargement, est multilingue, contrôlables à partir du téléphone / à distance avec son serveur web intégré, peut être configuré pour démarrer automatiquement ou d'éteindre le PC à la fin des téléchargements, peut se reconnecter en cas d'erreur, etc.

Quelles sont les exigences faut-il avoir?
Vous devez utiliser Windows XP SP3 ou supérieur (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.) et vous avoir installé .NET 4.0 ou supérieur.
Il fonctionne également sur Mac avec Parallels, étant donné que vous installez .NET 4.0 ou supérieur.

Comment ça décrypter des fichiers?
Le décryptage se fait à la volée, lors du téléchargement, de sorte que des ressources supplémentaires sont utilisés (RAM ou le disque).

Comment puis-je lancer le téléchargement?
D'abord, vous devez démarrer le programme et attendre qu'il se charge.
Ensuite, vous devez ajouter des liens à télécharger.
Vous pouvez cliquer sur le bouton "Ajouter des liens", ou les copier dans le presse-papiers - MegaDownloader permettra de les découvrir!
Ensuite, il suffit d'ajouter un ou plusieurs liens et les mettre dans la file d'attente.
Une fois dans la file d'attente, vous pouvez vérifier l'état:
- Arrêté: Les connexions sont fermées et le téléchargement est interrompu.
- Téléchargement: Les éléments de la file sont téléchargés dans l'ordre.
- Pause: Les connexions sont ouvertes, mais les fichiers ne sont pas téléchargés. Quand il revient à l’état «Téléchargement» de l'Etat, le téléchargement commencera immédiatement.

Comment puis-je configurer le programme? Il y a beaucoup d'options!
Vous pouvez utiliser les paramètres par défaut, sans toucher quoi que ce soit, pour commencer le téléchargement. Lorsque l'écran d'installation s'affiche, cliquez sur Oui, et c'est tout!
La seule option que vous devez configurer c’est le dossier de téléchargement par défaut (lorsque le fichier est enregistré). Le chemin par défaut est Windows Desktop. Si vous ne spécifiez pas un chemin par défaut, vous devrez le saisir à chaque fois que vous téléchargez quelque chose.

Comment puis-je voir le temps restant?
Par défaut, certaines colonnes ne sont pas affichées. Faites un clic droit sur l'en-tête de colonne de la liste des téléchargements, sélectionnez les colonnes à afficher ou à masquer.

Je ne peux pas changer la taille de la colonne de nom!
Cette colonne est automatiquement redimensionnée à la taille des autres colonnes. Par conséquent, vous devez modifier les autres colonnes pour redimensionner la colonne nom. Ceci est fait pour éviter le défilement horizontal.

Comment puis-je traduire l'application dans une autre langue?
Un tutoriel plus complet sera bientôt fait.
Fondamentalement, vous devez créer un nouveau fichier dans le chemin de configuration interne, sous le répertoire linguistique, copiant un autre fichier (il est recommandé d'utiliser comme base en-US.xml). Vous devez mettre le code de la langue dans le format ISO 639 + ISO 3166. Ensuite, vous devez modifier le code XML et le changement, tout d'abord, le code et le nom de la langue, puis la traduction (en gardant le 'id' attribut de chaque nœud). Prêt!
La prochaine fois que vous démarrez le programme, vous serez en mesure de changer la langue de l'écran de configuration (si le code de langue est correcte et existe).J'espère qu'elle vous sera utile :) Si quelqu'un veut le traduire en français, s'il vous plaît contactez-moi et je mettrai la traduction dans la prochaine version

I love the app! How I can thank you?
Any comments are welcome (you can find my contact in the program under "Help / About"). Constructive criticism if welcome too (but not destructive). If you like to see a new feature implemented, tell me and see if I can develop it.
And you are more than welcome to make a donation using PayPal ;)

Friday, February 1, 2013

FAQ [Castellano]

¿Que es MegaDownloader?
MegaDownloader es un cliente de descarga de ficheros de MEGA.CO.NZ, que te permite descargar fácilmente ficheros de MEGA.CO.NZ

¿Es una aplicación oficial?
No, es una aplicación independiente y no oficial. Su uso es gratuito y no se cobra NADA por usarlo o descargarlo.

¿Que características tiene MegaDownloader?
  • Rápido: Permite descargar varios ficheros a la vez con varias conexiones por fichero, aprovechando al máximo el ancho de banda.
  • Ligero: Pesa menos de 2MB y consume pocos recursos. No crea archivos temporales gigantes. Tan solo usa un pequeño buffer en memoria y guarda en disco el fichero directamente.
  • Seguro: MegaDownloader no muestra publicidad al usarlo. No recopila información de ningún tipo. Tan solo se conecta a MEGA.CO.NZ para bajarse los ficheros, y comprueba periodicamente si hay actualizaciones. Nada más. Y la información interna sensible para funcionar se guarda cifrada localmente usando DPAPI y AES.
  • Sencillo: Su interfaz es simple de usar: añade links y empieza a descargar. Punto.
  • Completo: Permite pausar, detener y reanudar la descarga de ficheros, encolar los ficheros a bajar, agruparlos por paquetes, descomprimir automáticamente los ficheros comprimidos, ver los videos en streaming, detecta automáticamente los links de MEGA.CO.NZ del portapapeles, permite limitar la velocidad de bajada, es multilingüe, se puede controlar desde el móvil/de forma remota con su servidor web integrado, se puede configurar para iniciarse automáticamente o apagar el PC cuando termine, en caso de error se puede configurar para que se reconecte, etc etc.

¿Que requisitos tiene?
Debes usar Windows XP SP3 o superior (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc) y tener instalado .NET 4.0 o superior.
También funciona en MAC con Parallels, teniendo en cuenta que debes instalar .NET 4.0 o superior.

¿Como descifra los ficheros de MEGA.CO.NZ?
Los descifra al vuelo, a medida que los baja, de forma que no consume recursos extra de espacio en RAM o disco.

¿Como comienzo a descargar?
En primer lugar debes iniciar el programa y esperar que cargue.
Luego tendrás que añadir enlaces para descargar.
Para ello puedes darle al botón "Agregar enlaces". Si los copias en el portapapeles, lo detectará automáticamente. Agrega uno o varios enlaces y ponlos en la cola. Una vez en la cola, debes revisar el estado:
- Parado: No hay conexiones abiertas ni hay nada bajando.
- Descargando: Los elementos de la cola se van bajando en el orden establecido.
- Pausado: Las conexiones están abiertas pero sin descargar, cuando vuelva al estado 'Descargando' comenzará inmediatamente a descargar.

¿Como configuro el programa? ¡¡Salen muchas opciones!!
Puedes usar la configuración por defecto, sin tocar nada, para empezar a descargar. Cuando salga la pantalla de configuración, dale a Aceptar, y listo.
La única opción que tendrás que mirar un poco es la ruta de descarga por defecto (donde se guardarán los ficheros). Por defecto es en el Escritorio de Windows. Si no especificas ruta por defecto, tendrás que especificarla cada vez que te bajes algo.

¿Como puedo ver el tiempo restante de descarga?
Por defecto algunas columnas no se muestran. Haz click derecho en la cabecera de columnas del listado de descargas y selecciona las columnas a mostrar u ocultar.

¡No puedo cambiar el tamaño de la columna de nombre!
Esta columna se redimensiona automáticamente según el tamaño del resto de columnas. Por tanto debes modificar las otras columnas para cambiar el tamaño de la columna de nombre. Esto se hace así para evitar un scroll horizontal.
¡La descarga está en rojo y pone ERROR!
Haz click derecho en ella y verás la opción "Ver error". De esa forma podrás ver el mensaje de error completo.

Da error y pone algo de 509 bandwith exceeded...
Mega tiene un límite de descargar. Se implementa en el servidor así que Megadownloader no tiene forma de saltarselo.
Si tienes IP dinámica intenta reiniciar el router, con suerte te asignarán una IP nueva y podrás seguir descargando un poco más...

¿Como puedo traducir la aplicación a otro idioma?
En breve haré un tutorial más completo. Básicamente es crear un nuevo fichero dentro de la ruta de configuración, en el directorio Language, copiando otro fichero (se recomienda como base usar en-US.xml). Debes poner el código de idioma con el formato ISO 639 + ISO 3166. Luego editas el XML y cambias, en primer lugar, el código y nombre del idioma, y luego las traducciones (manteniendo el atributo id de cada nodo). Listo!
La próxima vez que inicies el programa, podrás cambiar el idioma desde la configuración (siempre y cuando el código de idioma sea correcto y exista).

¿Como puedo ver videos en streaming?
En este tutorial te explicamos como hacerlo:  Ver videos online - Tutorial de streaming de MEGA

¿Como puedo configurar y usar el servidor web?
En breve haré un tutorial sobre esta funcionalidad.

¿Que es esta opción "Codificar enlaces"? ¿Y que es un "ELC"?
En este artículo (en inglés) se explica con más detalle: "Explaining mega:// links".

¿Cómo puedo hacerlo funcionar en Linux o Mac?
MegaDownloader está hecho en .NET, un framework hecho por Microsoft que solo funciona de forma nativa en Windows. Sin embargo Microsoft lo ha liberado (es Open Source) y posiblemente añada soporte en el futuro para sistemas Mac o Linux.
Actualmente puedes usar Parallels para hacerlo funcionar en un Mac.
Si usas Linux, puedes bajar el código fuente e intentar compilarlo usando Mono, aunque no puedo ofrecer soporte para este sistema.

¡¡El antivirus me dice que MegaDownloader es un virus o contiene un troyano!!
MegaDownloader es seguro. Está comprimido usando MPRESS para que ocupe menos. Algunos virus también usan MPRESS para que sean más difíciles de detectar, por lo que algunos antivirus marcan como peligrosos cualquier fichero comprimido de esta manera - lo que provoca muchos falsos positivos.
Puedes usar un sniffer HTTP como Fiddler para ver lo que hace MegaDownloader, y comprobar que, aparte de conectar con MEGA para bajar ficheros y comprobar la última versión, no hace conexiones extrañas ni envía información personal de ningún tipo. MegaDownloader es 100% seguro.
También puedes descargar y examinar el código fuente para ver que no hace nada inseguro.

¿Porque ofrece descargas adicionales durante la instalación?
El instalador de MegaDownloader ofrece descargas adicionales, ofrecidas por un partner, que ayudan a costear el hosting de los ficheros.
Puedes elegir no instalar nada adicional eligiendo la opción apropiada (Reject/Decline) o usando la versión portable (que solo incluye los binarios).

¿Que licencia tiene?
La licencia de uso es gratuita, el programa se proporciona "tal como es", no se ofrece ninguna garantía o condiciones de ningún tipo (explítica o implícita), ni se asume ninguna responsabilidad por el uso de la aplicación.
No se permite su modificación. No se permite su uso con fines de lucro. Puedes redistribuirlo libremente, pero solo bajo la condición de no modificarlo y manteniendo toda su información (autores, agradecimientos, etc). No se permite redistribuirlo suplantando la autoría o quitando información de los autores.
Si no estás de acuerdo con esta licencia, no uses el programa.
Esto es un pequeño resumen, con el programa viene la licencia completa, por favor revísala antes de usarlo.

¡¡Me encanta la aplicación!! ¿Como puedo agradecértelo?
Cualquier comentario es bienvenido (podrás encontrar mi contacto en el programa, bajo "Ayuda/Acerca de"), tanto de agradecimiento como críticas constructivas (pero no destructivas).
Si te gustaría ver alguna opción más, dímela y veré si es posible implementarla.
Y si quieres donar algo, cualquier ayuda es bienvenida :) (también puedes enviarme Litecoins! :D LXDHPf3TH582fsDdkynP1iMBRjdN5LisqF)

FAQ [English]

What is MegaDownloader?
MegaDownloader is a download client for MEGA.CO.NZ, allowing you to easily download files from MEGA.CO.NZ

Is it an official app?
It is a standalone unofficial application. It's free and there is no charge for using it or download it.

Can I upload files?
Yes, you need MegaUploader!

Why MegaDownloader?
  • Fast: You can download multiple files simultaneously with multiple connections per file, squeezing the bandwidth.
  • Lightweight: Takes up less than 2MB and consumes little resources. It doesn't create  giant temporary files. Just uses a small buffer in memory and stores the file directly in disk.
  • Secure: MegaDownloader does not show ads or banners when using it. It doesn't collect information from user. Only connects to MEGA.CO.NZ to download the files, and periodically checks for updates. Nothing else. And sensitive internal information is stored locally encrypted using DPAPI and AES.
  • Simple: Its interface is simple to use: add links and start downloading. That's all!
  • Complete: It allows pausing, stopping and resuming file downloads. It enqueues files, grouping them by packages, automatically decompresses RAR/Zip/7z files, detects links from the clipboard, can limit the download speed, is multilingual, can be controlled from the phone / remotely with its integrated web server, can be configured to automatically start or shut down the PC when finish, can reconnect in case of error, etc. Ah, and you can watch videos online via streaming ;)

What requirements does it have?
You must use Windows XP SP3 or higher (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc) and have installed .NET 4.0 or higher.
It also works on Mac with Parallels, considering that you install .NET 4.0 or higher.

How does it decrypt files?
The decryption is made on the fly, while downloading, so no extra resources are used (RAM or disk).

How do I start downloading?
First you must start the program and wait for it to load.
Then you have to add links to download.
You can click on the "Add links" button, or copy them to the clipboard - MegaDownloader will detect them!
Then, just add one or more links and put them in the queue.
Once in the queue, you might check the status:
- Stopped: Connections are closed and download is stopped.
- Downloading: The queue items are being downloaded in order.
- Paused: The connections are open but the files are not being downloaded. When it returns to the state 'Downloading' it will immediately start downloading.

How do I configure the program? There are many options!
You can use the default settings, without touching anything, to begin downloading. When the setup screen appears, click Yes, and that's all!
The only option you have to look a bit is the default download path (where the file is saved). The default path is Windows Desktop. If you do not specify a default path, you will have to enter it every time you download something.

How I can see the  remaining time?
By default, some columns are not shown. Right click on the column header of the list of downloads, select the columns to show or hide.

How can I watch videos online via streaming?
Look at this tutorial: Watch videos online - streaming tutorial for MEGA.CO.NZ 

I can not change the size of the name column!
This column is automatically resized by the size of other columns. Therefore you should modify the other columns to resize the name column. This is done to avoid horizontal scrolling.

A download is in red and says ERROR!
Right click on it and select the option "See Error", it will show more details.

The error says something like 509 bandwith exceeded...
Mega has a download limit. Unfortunately it is implemented on the server side so there is nothing you can do. Try restarting the router to force an IP renewal if you have dynamic IP with your ISP. With some luck you will get a new IP and you can continue downloading a little bit more...

How I can translate the application into another language?
A more complete tutorial will be made soon.
Basically you have to create a new file in the internal configuration path, under the Language directory, copying another file (it is recommended to use as a basis en-US.xml). You have to put the language code in the format ISO 639 + ISO 3166. Then you have to edit the XML and change, first, the code and name of the language, then the translation (keeping the 'id' attribute of each node). Ready!
Next time you start the program, you will be able to change the language from the configuration screen (if the language code is correct and exists).

Does it work on Linux or Mac?
.NET is used for developing MegaDownloader. This is a framerwork made by Microsoft and only works natively on Windows. Currently .NET is Open Source and maybe support for Mac and Linux will be added in the future.
Meanwhile you can use Parallels for running it on Mac.
If you use Linux, you can try to compile the source code and make it run with Mono, however I am unable to give support for Linux.

Hmmm the English translation is not good...
English is not my first tongue so any correction is welcome!

What is this option "Encode URLs"? And what is an "ELC"?
Please see this article "Explaining mega:// links".

The antivirus tells me MegaDownloader contains a virus or a Trojan!!
MegaDownloader is safe. It is compressed using MPRESS to minimize its size. Some viruses also use MPRESS so they are more difficult to detect; for that reason some antivirus mark as dangerous any compressed file in this way - a false positive!
You can use an HTTP sniffer like Fiddler to see what does MegaDownloader in the background, and check that apart from connecting with MEGA to download files and check the latest version, it doesn't make strange connections or send personal information of any kind.  

You can also download and examine the source code.
MegaDownloader is 100% secure.

Why does MegaDownloader offer additional downloads?
If you use MegaDownloader installer, it will offer additional downloads. They are offered by a third partner, these offers help us to maintain the hosting of the files.

If you don't want to install them, just select the proper option (Reject/Decline) or download the binary/portable version.

Which license does MegaDownloader use?
The usage license is free, the program is provided "as is", there is no warranty or condition of any kind (express or implied).
Modification is not allowed. Its usage with profit purposes is not allowed. You can redistribute it freely, but only under the condition of not modifying it, and maintaining all its information (authors, acknowledgments, etc.).
It is not allowed to redistribute it supplanting the authorship or removing information from the authors.
If you do not agree to this license, do not use the program.
This is a short summary, the program comes with a full license, please check it before use.

I love the app! How I can thank you?
Any comments are welcome (you can find my contact in the program under "Help / About"). Constructive criticism if welcome too (but not destructive). If you like to see a new feature implemented, tell me and see if I can develop it.
And you are more than welcome to make a donation using PayPal ;)

You can also send me Litecoins if you want :D