Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New version v0.90 on the horizon!

A new version 0.90 will be released very soon!

Some changes:

- Support for Youpaste.co and encrypterme.ga

- Added a config backup - some users experimented data loss from an unexpected PC restart in some rare cases. Now the config file is saved twice in order to have a backup.

- Corrected some minor bugs with folders.

- Added support for http://mega.co.nz/#N!xxx links (links from a folder, they are not available through browser but can be downloaded with other managers).

- New mega:// encode (backward compatibility, but not forward; example, a link generated with 0.83 can be used in 0.90, but a link generated in 0.90 can't be used in 0.83). This will enhance link protection!

Keep up to date with the latest news! MegaDownlaoder will popup a reminder when the new version is available for download :)