Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New version v0.90 on the horizon!

A new version 0.90 will be released very soon!

Some changes:

- Support for Youpaste.co and encrypterme.ga

- Added a config backup - some users experimented data loss from an unexpected PC restart in some rare cases. Now the config file is saved twice in order to have a backup.

- Corrected some minor bugs with folders.

- Added support for http://mega.co.nz/#N!xxx links (links from a folder, they are not available through browser but can be downloaded with other managers).

- New mega:// encode (backward compatibility, but not forward; example, a link generated with 0.83 can be used in 0.90, but a link generated in 0.90 can't be used in 0.83). This will enhance link protection!

Keep up to date with the latest news! MegaDownlaoder will popup a reminder when the new version is available for download :)


  1. I've had a lot of corrupt rar files using 0.83.
    I'm not sure if it's the mega app or my net connection.
    but it happened a lot after updating to v0.83

  2. Hi,
    where does the program save the settings and library information?
    I would like to back it up.


    1. In the program go to "Options/See logs" and a folder will open. You can backup all the files (except the Log folder if you don't want).
      Please take into account that it uses DPAPI, so if you format or move to another computer, the data won't be migrated. It was done in that way for security reasons.

    2. Thanks.
      I try to automate the link adding proccess to the library and not adding them one by one (to insert a bulk txt file that will be inserted to the xml pattern of the library).
      the only problem is the link section.
      how does the program save it under meta LINK?


  3. please can you add an "auto reset" option? because in too many users and downloads keeps saying "ERROR" in the download list
    or there's a way to put that in the downloader already?

  4. The files I downloaded with this new version are all corrupt, I have no idea how this happens. It works fine with the previous version. please help :(

    1. Hi, please send me an example link so I can test it

    2. https://mega.co.nz/#!AQAjHDRI!Gd-1WmuIxiJIefaTpLCDTNYToVyQaoiC49f5OXDCVv4

      I re-download MegaDownloader 0.90 using MegaDownloader 0.90 and the result is "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program", but when I download it from the web the file is good.

  5. Me descarga los archivos corruptos, creo seguiré con la versión anterior

    1. Por favor pasame algún fichero de ejemplo para examinarlo, gracias

  6. Big problem when i try to dowload a file over 15go megadowloader get bugged, my cpu take 20% of charge(i7 4770) and big log

    1. Please send me the link and I will try to find the reason.
      Megadownloader first creates the file in the disk and then starts downloading chunks, decrypts them (that requires some cpu) and saves it to disk. It shouldn't use so much cpu.

  7. Hi,
    try to copy-paste all the config directory to another computer.
    then when I open megadownloader's library all the files shown correctly like they should but when I click a file and then download/watch VLC it gives me a pages with the error "FILE DOESNT EXIST".

    how I fix that?


  8. Hi and thanks a lot for this software !

    I would like to know if it's possible to add a password feature to the streaming server ?

    I'm running the software on my personal server so i can acess to all my movies and series from everywhere i go, but i don't want anybody else to access to it :/

    I checked out the config.xml file, but did not find anything

    Can you help me ? Thanks a lot !

    1. Next version of MegaDownloader will have that option! :)

  9. Got corrupt error message when using latest one. No exception, all files that i have downloaded are corrupted. Please fix this.

  10. Why don't you open source the code, because clearly you are not working on this anymore, let some other developers continue this app, as you haven't put out a new version in nearly 2 years...!

  11. It would be great to read more concerning that blog..!Thank you for posting this blog.

  12. hello, i have been following your project for a while, but in every version of megadownloader, the ERRO issue always appear, and i need to manually reset the download
    is there any possibility for you guys add a auto-reset option?
    thxs for your attention and sorry for bad english

  13. I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.


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